How It Works

In a nutshell, Contest Share is a hub for finding contests to enter and then sharing those contests with others. Companies put together contests to find new customers who would be interested in their products and we want you to be able to find these contests so you can discover new companies who have great products.

Entering Contests

You don’t need to become a member of Contest Share to enter a contest. Simply check out some of the new and featured contests on our homepage or search for a category or store you are interested in by using the search box. On Contest Share you will find a brief summary about the contests and if you like what you hear click on the “Enter Contest” button to be taken to the site where you can official enter for a chance to win.

Sharing Contests

Register today and become a member to start sharing the awesome contests you find! Once you are registered you can click the big orange “Share Contest” button to share the contest with others. Enter in the name of the contests, a link to the contest webpage and a brief description about the contest and your all set to submit the contest to Contest Share. All contests are reviewed by the site administrator and will be published shortly if everything looks groovy. When your submitted contest is live on our site you will receive an email from Contest Share letting you know your contest is now published for all to see. If your contest does not meet the requirements set forth by Contest Share your contest will not be approved. You can always check the status of your contests by viewing your dashboard once you are signed in.

Why do you require registration to share a contest?

There is nothing more frustrating to us then to have a contest that is not what it claims to be and we think you probably hate this too, so we require registration to make sure only the most legit contests are being published on Contest Share. By requiring registration we hope we can cut down on the number of people who are just looking to post contests willy-nilly. This way we only receive contest submissions from those who are truly interested in sharing actual contests with our community. This is also why we review all contests before publishing them.