5 Reasons to Run an Online Contest

Five-reasons-for-a-contestA contest can be created for almost any type of marketing goal you are looking to achieve. However, if you have never thought to create an online contest before those reasons to set up a contest might not be that obvious. Below are the five biggest reasons a company would a want to offer a contest.


1) Build your email list

Contests are one of the most non-intrusive ways to build your email list and it is a strategy that can work over and over again if done correctly. Sometimes it feels like our only option to increase email sign ups is to settle for the annoying pop-up window that asks customers to sign up. While that works, it often has sour notes attached to it and is sort of a hum drum way to build an email list whereas contests are exciting, not only for those entering, but for the company running the contest. Just make sure those entering know outright that by entering they are signing up for your email list and let them know what your emails are about. This is the biggest mistake made with contests that are aimed to build an email list.

2) Promote new products

Launching a new product? Create some buzz around the product with a giveaway contest. Keep the barrier to enter small and depending on the cost of the product have many winners! Think about running a week long contest that has a winner each day of the week. By having more than one winner you are increasing the chance of your contest’s viral factor and in return increasing the awareness around your product because no one is going to enter a contest without knowing what they will have the chance to win. Also by having more than one winner you increase the chances of receiving customer photos and testimonials about your new product.

3) Build a social channel

Who doesn’t want more likes and followers? Building organic traction on social media is harder than it has ever been now that you have to pay to play on Facebook. Every piece of content you post has to be eye catching and entertain to make people stop scrolling past you in their news feed and take notice. Contests are one of the most interesting and entertaining pieces of content you can produce. We all love to win stuff especially if it is a product we love or have a need for. House a contest on a social media channel that you want to build and bring more attention too.

4) Keep customers engaged

We all have different types of customers, we have customers that buy from us weekly and customers who buy from us once a year. For those customers who might not be buying from us often we need to find ways to keep them engaged with our brand until their next purchase. Otherwise, non-regular customers could easily stray to a competitor. Holding contests often can help keep your brand and products on the customer’s mind because they will want to enter your contest. Contests are a great way to make announcements about your business and products.

5) Attract new customers

We are creatures of habit and because of that it can be tough to convince potential customers to leave their current provider and switch. We can have a mile long list of reasons why our product is better, but it takes more to not only get the customer’s attention, but also have them consider your product over their usual choice. Having an ongoing contest gives people a chance to discover and become familiar with your product. You’re removing some of the fear and risk by giving them a chance to win your product and at the same time you’re making them desire your product because they wouldn’t have entered if they weren’t interested in the first place. You’ll be surprised at the amount of people who will purchase your product even if they don’t win because of that desire created and new familiarity they have with your brand.

I only gave five reasons to create an online contest because I want to hear from you. What are some of the other reasons to run a contest?

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