Contest Requirements

Contest Requirements of Contest Share:

  • All contests must in English.
  • You must be listing real contest that are available entry. All fake contest listings will be removed and/or not approved.
  • No duplicate contests are allowed on Contest Share.
  • All contests must be linking to the correct webpage where others can directly enter the contest.
  • Inappropriate language or content is not allowed in any contest listing or anywhere else on This inappropriate language and content is any content that we feel is otherwise offensive, harmful, objectionable, or inaccurate.
  • Even though individuals can submit contests, the contest is the property of the company offering the contest and if contest owner wish to see changes or have the contest removed from we reserve the right to make those changes by the wishes of the company offering the contest.

We want to provide a quality contests for both those listing and entering contests. If you are found in violation in any of these requirements we have the right discontinue service if these violations reach an unresolvable point. If you find any of the above violations on, please email us at