Contest Share was started as a way to help companies promote online contests. These are contests companies create to find potential customers who would be interested in their brand and products by offering individuals a chance to win something they sell. Any company is welcome to post contests to Contest Share to gain extra exposure for their contest, and individuals are welcome to post contests they find as well. The next part is the best part of Contest Share and the core of the site, being able to easily share contests with friends and family. When you find a great contest don’t keep it all to yourself; instead email and post the contests to your favorite social media sites and spread the news to give your following a chance to win too!

By becoming a member of Contest Share you are joining a community of people who are interested in finding, entering and sharing contests. What’s better than giving your friends and family a chance to win something cool and useful? Nothing, because if you didn’t win wouldn’t you want the winner to be someone you know? Plus, if companies have success with the contests they run they are more likely to run more contests in the future giving you and your peeps the chance to win cool stuff from your favorite stores all over again.

This is what powered us at Contest Share to create a site that is easy to use so our community members could find contests they are most interested quickly.

So what are you waiting for?

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